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Newquay Dolphins

Newquay Dolphins

A Cornwall Dolphin in flight.

Newquay Dolphins – A great Experience.

Dolphins are quite common around the coast of Cornwall and can sometimes be seen from the shore.  However there are often Sea life Safaris or wildlife watching trips available during the season from boats in the Harbour. You can read more about Newquay Dolphins here.

It is quite possible that you could see some Newquay dolphins or seals on any of the fishing trip boats that operate from Newquay Harbour.

Newquay Dolphin Videos

Dolphins Newquay Coast

Encounter Dolphins Newquay Coast This video was taken when a group of divers visiting Newquay took their boat out off the coast to their dive spot. [...]

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Dolphins in Newquay Harbour

Dolphins in Newquay Dolphins are fairly common around the Cornish coast but seeing them so close in is always a great thrill. [...]

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Dolphins from Newquay Harbour

Dolphins - Newquay Harbour A short clip of some Dolphins playing in front of the boat just outside the Harbour at Newquay.   [...]

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© Photograph of Cornwall Dolphin with kind permission of Tim Dobson (Flckr)

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